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Saturday, November 21, 2009

lost friendss...

kadang-kala susah kita ingin mndapat kwan yang baik..yang setia..yang sntiasa mndengar luahan hati kita..dan sebagai nya laa..jadi,kita haruslah sntiasa berbuat baik dan mnhargai kwn kita itu..
tapi bagaimana kawn yang sntiasa yang slau mndatang masalah pada kita..itu knela kita berbincang dgan dia..

kepada shabatku...
tidak kira dmne anda berada,ak mnta maaf sngat2..
kepada MZH..
ak tahu ak bnyak wat slah pada kau...
ak bukan xnk perkara yang sebenar pada kau tapi.....
ku rasa ianya tidak bgitu pntg kepada mu untuk mu tahu..
pasal pgwas n borng asrama itu..
bkan ak berniat nk mnipu...
tapi bg ku ianya xpenting untuk mu tahu..
kalau sudah kau membuat keptsan utk tidak mempercayai lagi stp kata-kataku..
ak nk wat cmner..
jadi ku membuat keptsan ..
better ak xperlu msg@berhubung dagan kau lagi..
buat kita message @ hubung, jika kau xkn percaya ap yng ku katakan..
dan semalam..
kenapa kau msih mengungkit peristiwa yang telah berlalu..
ak taw ak mngaku bersalah..
tpe,ak telh mmnta maaf kan drpad kau..
fyi,ak memang xegat lansg pasal itu da..
bila,kenapa,bagaimana n sbgainya..
memang ak xegat da...
ak nh bukanlah seorang yang suka mengungkit pkr lalu..
bnyak perkare agi yang ku hrs pikirkan drpd terus perkare2 ini..
bagi ku ,ianya ku anggap seperti "RUBBISH"

k laa MZH..ak dah wat kptsan,
drpd kita berkwan better kita xperlu jd kawan kau da...
satu jer permntaan ak 4 u, jgn lah mngungkit kisah2 yang mnyakitkan itu lagi..
s0me wishes 4 u..

~may God bless u owess..
~tahnz for everitin..
~thanz for willing being my friendss..
~i'll try to delete your name from my mind,ok!!
~lasty,goodluck 4 STPM 2010..

*s/n=inilah hati daripada aku ntuk seorang teman..ak xtahu knpa dia mash ingin mngungkit kisah lama itu..ak mhon segala slh silap harap dimaafkan..

bout form6..

A new system has recently been implemented in all schools with Form Six classes throughout the country. All Lower Six classes from 2009 will have to stay back until 4pm. This new system started in my school in early July.
I found out from the teachers that this batch (2009/2010) was used to try out the suitability of the semester-based system to be implemented in schools in the future. Unfortunately for us, our exams are still not semester-based. Staying back till 4pm means we, Lower Six students will not have a chance to participate in the extra-curricular activities as all the club and uniformed body meetings are held after 1pm. What about our co-curriculum marks? We were told that 10% of the overall criteria to enter local universities is from our involvement in co-curricular activities. Before this new system was implemented, we all could go for our co-curricular activities. With the new system in place, we are forced to stay back and could not involve ourself in such activities as the timing will clash with us as most activities are held after school. While co-curricular activities make up 10% of our total STPM grades, I strongly believe there must be other alternatives. I don’t think a person who has four distinctions, but without any co-curricular achievements will be selected to enter a local university. So, why should we stay until 4 o’clock when the things we are doing now will not contribute any marks to our STPM?The new system is a complete waste of time. The new system requires students to stay back after school until 4pm for activities. But the activities organised by the school to keep students until 4pm is not a good idea. The extra time that we are required to put in school is used for nonsensical activities such as making posters, doing sketches, preparing for presentations and proposals and doing research and development (R&D). Besides this, some activities are really of no use to us. For example, during cocuriculum, we even told to prepare food, play on the field under the hot sun from 2.40pm-4pm and planning how to decorate the school. I do not see the teaching and learning value here as these activities are a waste of time! In addition, some students hate it so much that they decided to skip school altogether.
I understand that this system is a part of the Education Ministry’s initiative in boosting the level of confidence and enhancing communicative ability among school students while doing presentation. But please be rational and reasonable. Ministry need to take cognizance that we are humans too. All of us need more time to study and staying back till 4pm is just too much on our plates. The moment we reach home, most of us will be dead tired. By the time we get home, we will be exhausted because we have been in school since 7.30am. Many of us would be too tired after coming back from school and just hop on to the bed into dreamland even if they wish to study. Furthermore, not to forget the amount of assignments given by our teachers and we have to complete everything on time. By then we would be too tired to study. Preparing for presentations and projects requires a lot of our attention and time, so we will struggle to cope with our studies. Our main priority is still our studies! Without time to revise, how are we supposed to live our dreams of attaining a 4.0 score? But forcing us to stay back after school will deprive us of the chance to revise our lessons. An ample amount of time is needed for us to carry out constant revision. However with the time constraints, there is certainly no time for us to study at home! Even if we do have the time, we would suffer from fatigue. The ministry fails to see the light that whatever they are doing is in fact making our lives even more miserable, stressful and very depressing. Will this result in good achievement in the STPM exams? Definitely NO!!!
Many parents decided to send their children to Form Six as it is the cheapest route to universities. But now not any more. We have to fork out our own money for our lunch expenses. By right, if the Education Ministry wants to carry this out, they should at least think about giving lunch allowances to us. Now, parents will need to fork out additional expenses for their child’s lunch. Not everyone is well-to-do. In these times where money does not come easy, forking out extra money will be a burden to them as the overall house expenditure would have increased as well. Another woe is that we are only given an hour for our lunch break before we begin our presentation; it is impossible for students to head home to have a home-cooked meal, take a bath and have a short break and then rush back to school before 2 o’clock. Most of us will not be able to eat at home as we are not living nearby. Therefore, students are left with no other alternatives but to patronise nearby mamak stalls for their lunch. Needless to say, food sold at mamak stalls can be unhealthy and unhygienic. And since the mamak stalls usually serves oily and non-nutritious food, the students are not benefiting at all as it make us feel lethargic. With the lack of nutritious food, how are we to maintain a healthy body to study hard and achieve good result in STPM?
On the other hand, transportation is a major problem for most of us. Our parents are not free to send us home. Left with no other immediate solutions in sight, we have to rely on public transport like buses. Taking the school bus at odd hours costs extra as it is inconvenient for the drivers. Some of us are not living nearby and thus, walking back home will be out of the question and too dangerous for us students considering the disturbingly high number of snatch theft cases across the country. It is undeniable that life in the sixth form can be pretty daunting and challenging.
Not only are the students disatisfied with this new system, the teachers are unhappy. They could not express their feeling as they could risk losing their jobs. Almost every teacher I have spoken to, too, do not agree with this new system.They feel that the time spent in school is way too long! Forget about the students, even the teachers are grumbling! Teachers and students alike are exhausted by the end of the day.So, how do we expect teachers to perform their best when they are tired? Needless to say, students too have a hard time concentrating in the hot and stuffy afternoon classes. It is not fair for the teachers who teach the Form Six classes for they have to stay back for longer hours compared to their other colleagues. Wake up! The new system brings nothing but stress and red tape.
I acknowledged that some authorities would advice us to quit form six if we despise or hate the system. However, as far as I concerned, we are totally not being informed about this 4pm-stay-back system until a few week after we enrolled. We are the victims and we got no other better options than form six but as a student, we have the right to protect our right and express our feeling. So, we need to change. There is no point “testing” as the Malaysian education system is not a playground or lab where future leaders were “tested” with new policies. We as the students are not “guinea pigs”. If we were to continue to “test” policies on our children, our education system will be seen as a joke in the international arena. Last but not least, I only hope next year we can revert back to the old system where everyone can go home like normal or 1pm
. I sincerely hope you will help us. Thank you.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


erm.mlakan dengan basmalah,disudhi dgn alhamdulillah..
sonok sngta arinie...
fist ly,thank to techer krna telah bwa kita semua ke Rumah Anak Yatim Darul Hikmah,Gopeng.
penghuni nyer ader sramai 40 orang...dari kecil sinnga besar..
macam akt kami wat disana..
ader yang mngemas laa..
ad yg mngemop laa..
ad yang mnyapu laa..
ad yang mncuci laa..
ad yang mnanam pokok laa..
senang crita .
bermacam2 aktiviti laa kami buat disana..
dah kata akt kebajikan..
kena wat secara ikhalas kan..
kaw x..xdopat pahala..heeh
kami kat sner kira-kira ampir tiga jam kot..
then,kmi bersiap-siap ke ipoh parade..
memang xsbara2 da nk g sner..
memang target pertama nk ke pusat bowlin..samapi terbyang2 kedalam mimpi tau..
nk maen bowlin..
kat sne memang quite busy..
smpai sner jer,tru cari surau.
takut solat zohor terlepas laa...
then r g pusat..
memang sangat gegiler ak diwatnyer ktka di pusat bowlin tue..lawak+lucu+gumbira n bermacam2 laa..ak maen smpai berbnyak kali..xkira daa turn spe..yang pntg ku dpt men..hehe
dlm pusat tue,kami kira2 2 jam her..then ru g shoppin.
bab shoppin,xkan aku xknai akn diriku..
ak kan seoran SHOPPAHOLIC..
sure laa gegiler shoppin..jalan saner and ke sini..
macm2 ku beli..bersama miela,bella,and norzie

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

keboringa. yang melampaui parasku...

lecther2 tmpat ku study masing2 sebok mnyiapkan markah final kami..
kami di kelas..
xda stdy laa..
jus doing own akt jew..
tido,bca novel,mjalah n others..
ak pon..
dah lamer xon blog nh,,
makin lelamer boring pada sumer nh..
kmi(pgwasa) akn ke rumah kbjikan ank yatim ..
g epoh parade..
maen bowlin..
moga akt esk akn bjalan lancar..
kr bye3..

Friday, November 6, 2009

happy 18th bufday

happy 18th bufday..
thaz a lt to my friends..
expecially ekin , zai, n zue..
n also to the present.
i realy appreciate..
may our friendship is never die n for alwayss....
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